Institutional Strengthening for Marine Preservation and Sustainable Fishery

Public Policy

OBJECTIVE: To make sure that all stakeholders in the fishing sector value and take into account the ecological links between terrestrial and marine ecosystems, trends in coastal activities and the quality of life in the communities, while carrying out marine conservation and sustainable fishing strategies.

Since 2010, COBI has taught three courses on Marine Biology Conservation in Baja California. Students, civil society organizations and government officials participated and received information about biological connectivity, physical and chemical processes that define ocean life, as well as threats to marine ecosystems, the impact of climate change, the benefits – both economic and environmental – of creating marine reserves, and the political and social dimensions of marine conservation.

In 2016, two sustainable fishery workshops were held in Mexico City: one was a certification course in sustainable fisheries (and its promotion), and the other taught methods for improving fisheries. The objective of both workshops was to provide fishers, government and civil society organizations with data and fishery management techniques that allow them to find a balance between marine conservation and the extraction of products, so as not to harm species or overexploit an area.



  • 5 courses and workshops held
  • +150 decision-makers and students trained
  • Instituto de Investigaciones Oceanológicas (IIO)
  • Facultad de Ciencias Marinas (UABC)
  • Centro para la Soluciones en el Océano de la Universidad de Stanford
María José Espinosa Romero

This project is constantly evolving, and your support is key to making an impact on marine conservation and sustainable fishery. The following list details our current project needs. You can also donate directly to COBI by contacting our donations team: Let’s all do our part!

  • Media interested in covering initiatives to strengthen institutions for marine conservation and sustainable fishery
  • Donations and funding to support efforts to strengthen institutions for marine conservation and sustainable fishery
  • Volunteers with relevant knowledge, skills, or experience
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