Proposal to Strengthen Civil Society Participation in Public Policies related to Fishery


Public Policy

OBJECTIVE: To encourage civil society to participate, in a formal and influential way, in decision-making about public policies related to fishery in Mexico.

Public policies involving fishery in Mexico would benefit from greater participation by civil society organizations. COBI, along with other civil society organizations (Causa Natura, Sociedad de Historia Natural Niparajá and Pronatura Noroeste), is working on a proposal to reach agreements between interested sectors and to ensure that public policies regarding fishery and aquaculture are transparent, efficient, equitable, and meet sustainability objectives.

From January to September 2015, COBI and its allies performed an analysis of social participation in Mexico’s fishery policies. This document laid the foundation for the first sustainable fishery forum in the Senate.

In January 2016, the “Forum for Social Participation in Fishery Policies” was held in the Senate. A major outcome was “Declaratoria Xicoténcatl”, a common statement that brings together the energy and efforts of all stakeholders, and commits to working together to identify ways to strengthen and improve social participation in public policies.

In July 2016, the results of the forum were published and we shared “10 Proposals for Change” on the Barco Abierto website. This platform collects opinions from the community to improve social participation in fishery public policies. We also held open meetings and workshops, from an Open Parliament perspective, to learn more about all stakeholders involved.

In September 2016, these recommendations were submitted in a forum carried out by Mexican Senate, to present this reform in the forum held by the Senate in September 21, that same year.

Next steps include following up on the implementation of the recommendations in order to achieve the truly transparent and inclusive participation of civil society in public policies involving fishery.

  • +100 civil society organizations, researchers, academics, fishing cooperatives, fishing leaders, federal, state and local government agencies, and Senators formed part of this process by signing “Declaratoria Xicoténcatl”
  • Causa Natura
  • Comisión de Pesca y Acuacultura del Senado.
  • Cooperativas Pesqueras.
  • EDF
  • Grupo promotor de la Declaratoria Xicoténcatl.
  • Niparajá
  • Pronatura Noroeste
Oscar Vélez Ruiz Gaitán

This project is constantly evolving, and your support is key to making an impact on marine conservation and sustainable fishery. The following list details our current project needs. You can also donate directly to COBI by contacting our donations team: Let’s all do our part!

  • Media interested in reporting on the initiative to strengthen civil society participation in public policies related to fishery
  • Donations and funding to support the reform initiative to strengthen civil society participation in public policies related to fishery
  • Volunteers with relevant knowledge, skills, or experience
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