Support Committee for San Pedro Nolasco Island in Sonora

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Capacity-building of Leaders and Fishing Organizations

OBJECTIVE: To achieve the sustainable management of marine and fishery resources from San Pedro Nolasco Island and the contiguous zone in partnership with fishers, the tourism industry, academics, government, and civil society organizations.

Fisheries in Mexico are an important source of food, employment and income, and they are crucial to the sociocultural identity of our coastal communities. Approximately 41% of the Mexican population lives in coastal communities that largely depend on this activity. There are around 350,000 coastal fishers and they contribute to 40% of total domestic production. Traditionally, coastal fishers join cooperatives, which also are members of federations and confederations.

Community management committees are in charge of some resources and fishing sites, and address local needs and situations. At COBI, we define committees as groups formed by marine resource users (mainly fishers), enterprises (mostly in the tourism sector), civil society organizations, academics and government officials working together for the common good when it comes to marine conservation and/or sustainable fishery. Essentially, these are spaces for dialogue, decision-making and collaboration to strengthen citizen participation. For these committees to be successful in the medium- and long-term, it is important to formalize and empower them.

San Pedro Nolasco Island is a place of great importance within the county of Guaymas, Sonora. It is an island that is known regionally for its ichthyofauna and the availability of resources for sport and commercial fishing, making it a popular spot among fishers. Its beautiful landscape, marine biodiversity, and important colony of sea lions (Zalophus californianus) in the coastal zone, as well as the presence of several megafauna species in the contiguous area, make this place an attractive destination for the development of ecotourism activities. San Pedro Nolasco Island forms part of the Flora and Fauna Protection Area in the Gulf of California of the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas. However, the contiguous waters are not yet protected.

In 2013, the Support Committee for San Pedro Nolasco Island was created, comprised of every sector in the area (sport, commercial, and industrial fishing; tourism; government; and civil society organizations), along with a Nucleus Group, formed by representatives of the regional, state and federal government. The Committee and the Group work together to implement an island zoning proposal and to review and select tools for the conservation and sustainable management of the island.

  • 1 support Committee for San Pedro Nolasco Island formed by 15 key actors from 6 sectors: fishery (sport, coastal, and industrial), tourism, academic and civil society organizations
  • 1 zoning proposal designed and approved by users
  • 2 technical proposals currently under review by government agencies
  • El Buen Socio
  • Grupo Contramar
  • Nuup
  • Restaurante Campo Baja
  • Walton Family Foundation

Fernanda Pérez Alarcón

This project is constantly evolving, and your support is key to making an impact on marine conservation and sustainable fishery. The following list details our current project needs. You can also donate directly to COBI by contacting our donations team: Let’s all do our part!

  • Media interested in highlighting the Committee’s work.
  • Donations and funding for the Committee’s activities, particularly for the assessment of indicators (biophysical, socioeconomic, and governance) of the fishery refuge zones in San Pedro Nolasco Island.
  • Boat for monitoring fishery refuge zones.
  • Volunteers with relevant knowledge, skills, or experience.
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