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International Women’s Day

Fifty percent of the people working in marine fishing and aquaculture systems in the world are women, especially in activities that require spending more time on land, such as making and fixing fishing equipment, preparing the bait, and process and market the catches. In Mexico, according to the Comisión Nacional de Acuacultura y Pesca (CONAPESCA), there are 22,000 women in fisheries and aquaculture, 72% in primary production and 28% in processing. However, these numbers are probably higher, since it is estimated that there are 2 million people in the country related to fishing and aquaculture.

Even when women participate in fishing and aquaculture activities, their participation in management decision-making is minimal, since it depends on having a fishing permit and belonging to a cooperative. For example,

Beside the working day of the women in fishing and aquaculture, they have the daily work in the domestic sphere. On the other hand, women are increasingly involved in marine conservation and sustainable fishing actions, generating data on fishing resources. This information is used in management and to improve decision-making, nevertheless women are still prevented from having a voice and a vote in assemblies and meetings.

It is recognized that mixed teams have better results. By excluding women from management decision-making, knowledge, creativity, vision, fairness, and balance are lost. To achieve gender equality in management decision making, it is necessary to visualize, recognize and empower women in fisheries and aquaculture.

In the framework of International Women’s Day, we invite you to learn more about the role of women in fishing in Mexico at:

Participación de la mujer en tres pesquerías ribereñas de México

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