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Rebels of the sea

To the Rebels of the Sea, because we need more.

In a changing and complex world where fisheries and oceans face critical challenges such as maintaining fisheries production, slowing environmental change, and reducing the vulnerability of coastal communities, strategies are being developed to make the world a fairer place, without hunger, fear, and violence, where prosperity is shared, human rights are respected, and no one is left behind.

Rebels of the Sea was created to recognize the work of women and men who have challenged existing paradigms and methodologies. Demonstrating that together we can move forward with absolute haste and total respect for human rights, for the conservation and sustainable development of fisheries and oceans.

This book presents fourteen rebels come from different parts of the world, who crossed the boundaries of research, policy, markets, and financing to contribute to the sustainability of fisheries, the ocean, and promote cooperation.

We invite you to read the book, to know the rebels, and to become a Rebel of the Sea.

Enjoy the book and download it for free here

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