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Gender Equality


In Mexico, Women Play Integral, Overlooked Role in Sustainable Fisheries

Year: 2021 Cite this article: Muñoz-Nuñez, D. (22 de Marzo de 2021). Walton Family...


Hard times. Fishing communities in Mexico grapple with the challenge of maintaining sustainable practices during the pandemic

Year: 2021 Cite this article:  Acevedo-Rosas, A., Fernández-Rivera Melo, F.J. & López-Ercilla, I. 2020....


Mexico’s fishers adapt, innovate while government lags behind: expert

Year: 2021Cite this article: Vidal, O. (20 de Febrero de 2021). Mexico’s fishers adapt,...


Corrigendum: Unveiling Women's Roles and Inclusion in Mexican Small-Scale Fisheries (SSF)

Year: 2021Cite this article: Solano N, Lopez-Ercilla I, Fernandez-Rivera Melo FJ and Torre J...


Participación de las mujeres en la cadena de valor de tres pesquerías ribereñas en México.

Year: 2019 Cite this article: López-Ercilla, I., N. Solano, S. Marcos, D. Valdez. 2019....


Hijas del mar, mujeres buceadoras

Year: 2019 Cite this article: Hernandez-Velasco A, Lopez-Ercilla I, Solano N, Fernández R. 2019....


Women’s empowerment, collective actions, and sustainable fisheries: lessons from Mexico

Year: 2019 Cite this article: Torre, J. A. Hernandez-Velasco, F. Fernandez Rivera-Melo, J. Lopez,...


Las mujeres y el sector pesquero en México

Year: 2018 Cite this article: López-Ercilla, I., López-Sagástegui, R. 2018. Las mujeres y el...