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Climate change


Red de Monitoreo Oceanográfica

A history of citizen science and climate change in the Baja California peninsula Year:...


Pecadores en México y Cuba: Retos y oportunidades ante el cambio climático

Year: 2020Cite this article: Précoma de la Mora, M., Hernández-Velasco, A., Albáñez-Varela, C.E., Hernández-Pérez-C.L....


Geographic variation in responses of kelp forest communities of the California Current to recent climatic changes

Year: 2020Cite this article: Beas-Luna R, Micheli F, Woodson CB, et al. Geographic variation...


Harnessing marine microclimates for climate change adaptation and marine conservation

Year: 2018 Cite this article: Brock Woodson C., F. Micheli, C. Boch, M. Al-Najjar,...


Local oceanographic variability influences the performance of juvenile abalone under climate change

Year: 2018 Cite this article: Boch C.A., F. Micheli, M. AlNajjar, S. G. Monismith,...


Designing connected marine reserves in the face of global warming

Year: 2018 Cite this article: Munguía- Vega A., M. Berger., M. Mancha-Cisneros, A. N....


Local response to global uncertainty: insights from experimental economics in small-scale fisheries

Year: 2018 Cite this article: Finkbeiner E.M., F. Micheli, A. Sáenz- Arroyo, L. Vázquez-Vera,...


Evidence that marine reserves enhance resilience to climatic impacts

Year: 2012 Cite this article: Micheli F, A. Saenz-Arroyo, A. Greenley, L. Vázquez, J.A....